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Free Basics of JavaScript Crash Course


A high-paced free javascript course designed for people interested in learning JavaScript. This JavaScript crash course takes you through the basics as well advanced javaScript concepts required to help you become a proficient JavaScript developer.

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Are you new to programming or a programmer trying to learn a new programming language? Then this high-paced free JavaScript course is the right choice for you. Get hands-on experience with practical knowledge.

Why learn JavaScript

JavaScript is an easy-to-learn programming language that is highly popular among web developers. But the scope of usage of JavaScript is not limited to front-end development. You can create mobile applications, server applications, desktop applications, and websites all using JavaScript. So, learning JavaScript opens numerous doors for you in the tech world.

What am I gonna learn in this free JavaScript crash course?

This crash is specifically designed to accommodate people who have very little programming experience and the ones who want to learn JavaScript quickly. We will take you through not just the basics of Javascript, but high-level concepts required to make you a good JS developer.

  1. Basics of JavaScript
    • Variables
    • Data types
    • Operators
    • Conditions
    • Loops
    • Functions
    • Scoping
  2. Advanced Data-types
    • Array
    • Methods available in Array
    • Object
    • Methods available in Object
  3. Advanced Javascript
    • Higher-Order-Functions
    • Async Programming
    • Event queue
    • Promises
    • API Calls
  4. Project – Random quote generator website

Batch Details

  • Batch start date – 15th August, 2021
  • As a part of this purchase you will also get access to our discord server. We use our discord server to communicate with our community. All the resources will be shared on the channels there.

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